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The First Passenger Mount Debuts in Recent Update

Feb 9, 2018

The Feb 8 event highlights the Metamorph System which will allow you to transform into Assassin’s Creed®' s Ezio, the Legendary Assassin. Also, the first Passenger Mount: Fairy Chariot that allows you to ride with your friends and Cross-server Plunder debut in LoD. Click to know more!

The First Passenger Mount: Fairy Chariot

A series of Valentine’s Day events are on the way, including a new Legendary Pet Cupid, an event named Flowers of Love, and the Mount of Love, all of which are set to open starting from February 11.th to 14th. Mount of Love is the first passenger mount introduced into the game that originated from the Heavens, and this two-wheeled mount designed for two people allows a player to invite his or her Valentine to share. Once mounted, tap the “Share Mount” button to call upon the invitation list. This function can only be used in the City, Plunder, and the Untamed Wilds.

Cross-server Plunder: Divine Realm

Divine Realm is a cross-server Dungeon, which can be entered by those who rank in the top 100 in the Arena. It opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Lots of chests can be opened in Divine Realm, but the Supreme Treasure Chest will only appear after all other chests being cleared. Players in the same server will receive rewards once the Supreme Treasure Chest is unlocked. However, that’s not the end of the dungeon battle. Lots of monsters will spawn after all Supreme Treasure Chests are defeated. Players need to kill all of them to meet the boss of the area. The DMG and HP of these bosses are much higher than that of bosses in other dungeons. Just like the reward mechanism of Supreme Treasure Chest, players on the same server can receive rewards once the boss of the area is defeated. All players will be sent back to their own city after the cross-server dungeon closes.

Additional rewards can be claimed on an event page for all players from the winning server. Players can open chests or kill monsters to gain points. Every time the boss of the area is cleared, points will be calculated and the server with the highest points wins. The Dungeon will be open for 1 hour each time. The Divine Realm Leaderboard will be cleared before the next event starts.

Note: You can access the new Cross-server Plunder mode by tapping "Divine Realm" in Plunder. However, we are still making improvements to this new mode will not be available until Saturday (Feb 10). Plunder's other modes will still run as scheduled and will not be affected.

Leap and transform into Ezio! The update is available now and shows your enemies who the true assassin is! More fun will be online in future.

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