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Update 1.9.0 - New Wrathwings and Cross Server Tycoon

Feb 15, 2017

The latest Legacy of Discord’s update is all about “Wrathwings” and “Cross Server”! Three glorious new Wrathwings have been added to give players more ways to customize their characters. Plus, bigger rewards with Cross Server Tycoon and new talents to make character combat skills even more devastating. Read on and learn more about what’s coming!

Update Content
-    New Wrathwings: Hallow, Prophecy, Slayer
-    New Skill Talents
-    Glyph Tycoon & Cross-Server Tycoon
-    New season of Cross-Server War

Wrathwing: Hallow
The Hallowed One is both revered and feared as a temperamental god by the southern inhabitants of Aurora. It is said that the Hallow Wrathwing can bring great destruction to the enemies of its owner just as likely as it can bring calamity to the wearer, so tread carefully.

Wrathwing: Prophecy
An oracle’s prophecy once saved Celestial City from certain annihilation. The Prophecy Wrathwing was instrumental to the defense of the city, dispelling the Blood Omen that fueled the demons and ending their rampage.

Wrathwing: Slayer
Akir was called the ultimate demonslayer. A mere mortal that was not blessed by the gods, he emerged victorious from countless battles relying on his own strength and forged steel. Inspired by his resilience, the Slayer Wrathwing was crafted to represent Akir’s unyielding fortitude.

More Skill Talents!
Two new talents have been added for each skill. Pacify, Limitless, Pinpoint, Quell, Asylum, and Silence are new talents that players can use to further customize their skills. By leveling up these new talents, players can give their skills various effects to protect allies, silence enemies, and more!

Glyph Tycoon & Cross Server Tycoon!
Starting from version 1.9.0, players will have one more way to earn points for Resource Tycoon. Along with Gold Tycoon, Augment Tycoon, and Reforging Tycoon, players can now collect Glyphs for Glyph Tycoon which will contribute to their overall Resource Tycoon points and rewards. Additionally, Resource Tycoon is now a cross server event with even better rewards!

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