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LoD Featured Globally on GOOGLE PLAY for its 1st Anniversary Version

Oct 20, 2017

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings has been featured on Google Play once again for its Anniversary version (Oct.19th)! This is the fourth time that LoD has been featured by Google on a global scale. October 19th, Legacy of Discord starts its anniversary celebration with all sorts of treats, including Last Guardian Mode, an upgraded Metamorph System and the exclusive Furious Wing Collection.

Legacy of Discord is a free to play mobile Action MMORPG developed by Fancy Guo Technology Co., Ltd. and globally released by YOOZOO Games (SZ.002174). Since its launch in late 2016, nearly 70 million guardians with 15 languages from over 190 countries have fought in the universe of Legacy of Discord, which is among the Top 10 grossing game in 115 countries and regions. The game has already become the top-grossing mobile ARPG in the US and Europe.


With the coming of millions of players, the team is pushing to create more game modes and improve the game experience in all aspects. There has been 36 updates with new gameplay. During the celebration, Legacy of Discord presents the upgraded Metamorph System and a new survival mode Last Guardian.

And more notably, the Anniversary Celebration reveals the Furious Wing Collection. Furious Wings is the name of the game for a long time, and the players got to see the flamboyant treasure. With the flame of darkness, Furious Wings which is the only one wing that is a combination of a Wrathwing and Skywing.

There will be a significant class advancement in the future. Players will be able to transfer into other classes, and a brand new powerful class will appear in the game. More fun is on the way. Legacy of Discord just climbed over the first mountain, and the passion for joy will drive the game forward to the next milestone, bringing high-quality, novel entertainment to the world.

For more details:

Metamorph system:  https://lod.gtarcade.com/en/lodEvents/13095.html

Last Guardian,: https://lod.gtarcade.com/en/lodEvents/13097.html

Additional Information:

Try out Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings by visiting the following link: →http://lod.gtarcade.com/

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