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Revolution of Metamorph: Update on October 19th

Sep 29, 2017

The Metamorph system has been online since middle September and is popular among players! Players can transform into 4 bosses with their exclusive skills in Plunder and Untamed Wilds. This time, you can experience an even new upgrade of Metamorph and plenty of new playmodes, releasing 2 more legendary bosses for you at the end of October, along with transforming in more gamemodes. Shift into a fearsome creature and show the world who’s the boss!

Unlocked at Lv.55, players can use Metamorph to transform into a legendary boss with exclusive skills in the Plunder, Untamed Wilds and Last Guardian mode for a period of time. You can transform into 6 boss creatures now, terrorizing your enemies with your new form! If the Metamorph dies or is canceled by the player, player's HP will revert to before the Metamorph.

Metamorph Factions

There’s 4 factions in the Metamorph system: "Elemental Faction", "Nature Faction", "Humanoid Faction", "Dark Faction" and each Faction has their own Faction Skill. Players can use Fragments to activate or upgrade the various Spirits in each Faction.

Whenever a Spirit is activated, players will unlock an Exclusive skill and a Shared skill. Exclusive skills can only be used by a specific Spirit, while Shared skills can used by Spirits of the same Faction.

How to get fragments of Metamorph: Players can get the fragments of legendary boss in Anniversary Events.

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