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New Gameplay Football Fury

Apr 15, 2020

Football Fury is about to start on April 16th Football Fury is a cross-server PVP 3v3 event. Both teams in a match must compete to possess the football and score points. 1 point will be earned when a player who holds the football runs across the opponent team's goal post. When a match ends, the team with more points will be the winner. During a match, players not holding the football can charge at opponents. The players who get hit will be rooted for a period of time. If the player holding the football gets hit, the football will drop. The player holding the football can use "Dodge" to become temporarily invincible, during which time the player cannot be hit. Fun Settings Special effects will be triggered if opponents step into traps. Different traps trigger different effects. Banana Peel: The player holding the football will drop the ball and become rooted for a period of time. Asphalt: Player's speed is reduced for a period of time. Ink: Player's screen will be covered by ink for a period of time.

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