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Legacy of Discord Celebrate its 3 Years Anniversary

Oct 17, 2019

Legacy of Discord celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Legacy of Discord is proud to celebrate three years of being active with our fans. We want to show appreciation and gratitude, and are doing it with a host of birthday-themed events !

Brand-New Equipment
Equipment that has reached Level 11 could be activated to Legacy of the Gods Equipment.
Different appearances of new equipment are provided for 3 characters
Inlaid Gems
Players could consume special items to inlay gems on equipment.
These gems will increase different buffs of Legacy of the Gods and its appearance.
Talent Points
There are 3 levels of Talent Points on new equipment. Players could use Talent Points to increase different buffs.

Furious Race
More Fun
Furious Race is a new competition event. Players could ride their mounts on the track.
There will be different obstacles which will bring different de-buff to players on the track.
Excited Ranking
First player to reach the destination will get more scores which will be used to rank.
There will be a exciting ranking list for all players.
Extensive Participation
All players with Orange-, Red-, Golden-quality mounts can participate in this event. 

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