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Legacy of Discord Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary in Style

Oct 20, 2018

Legacy of Discord’s 2nd Anniversary Event starts from October 20th

Players will be able to swing by the Amusement park and participate in games to win rewards

They will also be able to find and awaken the new legendary Aegises of Sages around the world

20th October 2018 – Wish Legacy of Discord a happy birthday as they celebrate their 2nd anniversary starting October 20th. To celebrate, there will be a big in-game party for players to win rewards in, as well as the addition of the addition of the Aegises of Sages for players to become even more powerful.

All players are invited make their way to the Amusement Park in Legacy of Discord and participate in a number of fun fairground activities from balloon shooting to horseracing. Rewards will also be available through the Amusement Park activities, such as the new pet Omega. Speaking of pets, the first ever fan-designed pet Genos-EX will also be available during the anniversary by only logging in seven days in a row.

The mighty Aegises of Sages, asleep for thousands of years waiting for the demonic army, are now ready to be awakened. In the long-lost past, they received powerful blessings from four ancient stages and are now ready for players to come and awaken them. Players who obtain an Aegis of Sages will receive a bonus to their equipment and increase their power.

Enter Legacy of Discord from October 20th to join in on the celebrations. Visit the Legacy of Discord official site (https://lod.gtarcade.com/) or download the game for iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/legacy-of-discord-furiouswings/id1132537738?mt=8)

or Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gtarcade.lod&hl=en_US) now.

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