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The Fire Festival is Ignited for Legacy of Discord

Jul 24, 2018

LoD’s Fire Festival is set to erupt with tons of activities and gifts to get involved in.

 24th July, 2018 – Light your inner fire and partake in the upcoming Fire Festival by participating in limited-time events and earn some amazing rewards in Legacy of Discord. This year’s Fire Festival is composed of three different rounds, each with its own theme, and each lasting three days as a celebration of Midsummer festivals during the summer solstice. 

Here are the festival’s three rounds for you to mark in your calendar, each with its own special events and rewards:
July 25th: Abaddon Rising
July 28th: New Mecha Weapon
July 31st: Mount Garden

Don’t forget to get involved in the following events and activities: World Raiders, Benefits, Letter Exchange, Limited Discount Shop, Holiday Exchange, and Gifts for All.

With such a wide range of events, you can approach the festival however you want. Complete quests for the World Raiders event and obtain rare loot such as the Dermera Frag, or spend your Diamonds and buy rare items during the Limited Discount Shop event. The choice is yours.

Log in to Legacy of Discord on July 25th to take the first step, and keep up with the latest news on the official Facebook page.

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