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A Guardian’s Journey and Celestial Construction

Jun 25, 2018

Remember those moments where you felt joy and excitement while playing LoD? Check out the upcoming featured event "A Guardian's Journey" and get a customized gift! Plus you can login daily to claim great gifts in the Celestial Construction Event.  Read on to learn more!

PS: From June 26th, First Recharge will be reset so all players can get double Diamonds for their first Recharge after the event starts!

Celestial Construction Event

Earn points for Personal and Guild Rankings by Contributing to the renovation of Celestial City and earn special rewards.

Event time: June 26th to June 29th.


Personal and Guild Rankings are calculated daily and each day's rankings run from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. If a member leaves a guild before the Guild rankings are calculated, their contribution points for that day will not count towards the guild. Contribution points will also not carry over when joining a new guild.

You can contribute materials to increase your Contribution. The higher your Contribution, the greater the rewards. Contribute or Contribute x10 will use your available materials first. If you run out of materials, you can use Diamonds as well. 'Contribute All' will only use your materials and not Diamonds.


Celestial Tokens you earn from contributing can be used to buy items in the Celestial Shop. Any unspent tokens will be recycled after the event ends.

Personal rank rewards must be claimed within 24 hours after the rankings have been calculated at the end of the day.

Guild rank rewards are sent automatically to the guild for the Guild Leader to distribute to the guild. The Leader can distribute Guild rewards in any manner they see fit. Any undistributed Guild rewards will be removed after the event ends. And all members can view all past distributions in the distribution log.

Super Rewards:
Reach the required amount of points each day to get a Super Reward for that day. The Super Reward is reset daily at 12 AM so be sure to claim it before that time.

How to get Materials:
- Recharge during the event period.

- Participate in Guild activities during the event (Guild Sign-in, Guild Worship, Guild Escort, Guild Bonfire).

Additional Information:

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