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Background for Puppet Master

Jun 17, 2018


The Puppet Master has a varied bag of tricks up her sleeves, which makes her dangerous, devious opponent in battle. Able to slay the enemies up close or attack from range, making her a powerful all-rounder.

When the enemies face her, they really don’t know what to expect. As her varied skills and abilities make her a difficult opponent to battle. Moving deftly through each encounter with a confidence and might. Scaring the enemy to death… If her own weapons don’t!

As the Puppet Master develops, her skills and ability grow more devastating. Making her one of the most formidable opponents her enemies will face. A true jack-of-all-trades who kills cleanly and efficiently, leaving her defeated foes on the field of battle, as a symbol of her power


“I’ve got a trick up my sleeve!”

When the world was formed, the elements raged creating the seas, mountains, ice caps and deserts. Yet, one element was inert, as if it had been forgotten and had no place in the world. The ancient gods creating it for one pure purpose, to stop the destruction of the world.

Eons later, as the evil once again started to build like a dark cloud the element came alive, knowing that it’s time was now and sending a beckoning call out across the world. A call heard by a young girl, who often helped her father repair the systems of gears and pulleys used to hoist cargo onto the barges.

At first, she ignored the call, but the voice became so strong that she found she couldn’t sleep. Sneaking from her home at the dead of night and stealing a horse and then riding five leagues to the foothills. Drawn to one of the highest peaks where she found the remains of the ancient and mystical fort of Marag Dun. The last place where the evil had been driven back in the ancient times.

The voice summoned her forward to a tomb which sat in the center of the site. Tempting her to enter and search the catacombs below. The place already infested by dark elves who had been drawn there by the power of the element. Desperately searching for it in the gloomy tunnels.

She deftly evaded their attention, her eyes becoming accustomed to the dull light. Travelling deeper and deeper until she found the grave of King Wolfric, the voice telling her to open it. So powerful she could not resist and cracked open the coffin to find the element in his enclosed skeletal hands.

As she reached for it the hands both grasped her wrists and the element leapt forward, merging into her solar plexus and empowering her whole body and turning her into the Puppet Master. Granting her the foresight of her destiny. He need to battle the growing darkness.

Armed with new powers and abilities she decided her first task was to slay the dark elves, and she quickly and cunningly moved through the corridors, defeating each and every one before facing their leader. A demonic entity who demanded the element which she refused, slaying him in a flurry of blows, the demon unable to lay a hand upon her.

After this she left the fort and returned home. Greeting her parents and telling them what she must do, her mother giving her the heart shaped locket she always wore as a keepsake. The Puppet Master then knowing she must train for the coming invasion.

Now, she stands for the people of Aurora and knows she is a vital part of the force which will fight in the coming war!

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