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Bladedancer Background

Jun 13, 2018


The Bladedancer is an agile, cunning fighter who loves the heat of battle. Using his quick sharp blades to cut through swathes of enemies, leaving the bodies of his fallen foes in his wake.

No matter how large the opposing force, the Bladedancer has the skill and speed to defeat them in open combat. Battling from foe to foe and slicing them apart. Ensuring they have the upper hand by expertly landing hit after hit in quick succession!

As the Bladedancer grows in power, his skills and abilities are enhanced. Allowing him to strike his enemies from afar before dealing mortal damage to them in close quarters. His swords making short work of his foes and leaving the battlefield littered with their dead bodies.


“When enemies strike… I am ready!”

Many say that the first Bladedancer was bathed in the rays of a Crystal of Light. His speed and abilities drawn directly from the shimmering energy. Whilst his blades were forged by the ancient Ashens in the lost kilns of Garra Dur.

When the first Bladedancer passed away, the arcane energy within his very soul returned to the earth. Awaiting the next one worthy to carry the name and be a true defender of the lands. Another always rising when most needed, as evil started to rise and plot its next attack.

As the dark forces stirred once more, and the lands of Aurora fell under the shadow of evil. A young boy, born and then cast from the Rift, was found and raised by farm folk. Accepting him as their own, unaware of his extraordinary birth and the destiny he would fulfill!

It was not until his fourteenth year, when he was travelling to town with his father to sell their wares, that his true fate was realized. Wraiths attacking their cart, causing his powers to finally become unleashed and a new Bladedancer to be born.

Creating a makeshift weapon, which was imbued with his energy, he battled the evil monsters back. Realizing too late that they had mortally wounded his father. The old man’s last whisper, telling his son to accept his destiny.

Now, years later, after battling many perils across Aurora he seeks to honor the Bladedancer name. Defend the lands against evil and seek revenge for the death of his father!

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