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New Update with Class Change

Jun 7, 2018

The long-awaited Class Change System is here! Plus you can now become Aveline with our official Assassin's Creed® Metamorphs! Read on to know more.

Update Content:
- Class Change System
- Two In-app Purchase Packs of Aveline Shards are now for sale in a Special Event. Players on new servers can also earn a Free 5-day Trial.
- Bug fixes

Update Date:
02:00-05:00 June 8th EST
14:00-17:00 June 8th HKT
08:00-11:00 June 8th EU

The Long-awaited Class Change System is Here

With the new Class Change feature, you can experience each of the 3 character classes in the game without having to start from scratch. Change to the Berserker, Bladedancer or Sorceress and jump right into your favorite game modes within moments!

Since our June 5th post was shared over 1622 times, your first-time to Change Class is for FREE!!!

Transform into Aveline

Aveline de Grandpré from the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed® Liberation game makes her debut as the newest Metamorph. Transform into Aveline with our Official Assassin's Creed® Metamorphs to acquire deadly skills and devastating combos that will make quick work of any foe.

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