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New Update Comes with Soul Vortex

Jan 22, 2018

Since the Mount Mutate function is well-known by our players, it’s time now for the LoD’s latest update that brings a new system called Soul Vortex with amazing visual effects and strength for their weapons. Let’s have a sneak peak!

Update Content:

-  Soul Vortex
- 4 more Wrathwings can use Astral Scroll to Augment: Immortal, Shiva, Azazel, Hellbat
- Players can now 1 click blitz Gold Dungeons & Exp Dungeons

- Some bugs fixed

Update Date:
01:00-04:00 January 23rd EST
14:00-17:00 January 23rd HKT
07:00-10:00 January 23rd EU

Soul Vortex

Players above lv. 60 can access the Soul Relic system on lower right of the main interface.

Combine Soul Gems to upgrade Constellations and increase your character's base attributes. Each time a Constellation increases by 1 level, your Soul Relic will also increase by 1 level and you will receive Soul Device Fragments. Use Soul Device Fragments to activate Soul Devices from the device list and use Mystic Powder upgrade your Soul Device.

Each Soul Device can be socketed with corresponding Soul Remnants and can Augment your Soul Device Rank for every 4 Soul Remnants you socket into the device.

After attaching a Soul Device, it will show on the hand of your character. Your attacks will gain special effects depending on the Soul Device(s) attached. These effects will trigger in a cycle depending on their set order (1 cycle is 5 attacks).

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