LoD Updates with Christmas Events And Class Promotion System

Dec 22, 2017

21st December 2017 – Two weeks after Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings was globally featured by Google Play, gift exchange and other pre-pageant events are drawing to a close. The latest update of December 21st includes a package of special Christmas stickers, a grand Christmas party, a Christmas themed scene and the widely anticipated Class Promotion system.

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The special icon for Christmas Party is available now. Players can go into the party at 18:30(server time) every day and Santa Claus will start treasuring gifts at 19:00. It can either be a precious reward or a monstrous boss. The unpredictable event is full of surprises and will last for 10 minutes. Players could also shoot off fireworks with friends from the same server. A splendid firework can benefit at most 10 players.

With the festival approaching, Class Promotion eventually appears in the popular mobile ARPG. Players over level 85 could find the entrance into the Class Promotion system under the tablet button. After completing a series of missions and consuming a set number of materials, players could upgrade their character in the Class Promotion system, in which these characters could use tickets and coins to level up from 1 to 50.

Class Promotion will immediately brightens classic characters. After unlocking the mighty system, players will get a new revolutionary skill set, an excellent head picture frame, a title which reflects their battle rating, and gain special aura effects at their feet.

Players could also find a Wrath Aura button in the Class Promotion interface. Wrath Auras fall into 4 factions, each of which gives classes unique buffs and debuffs in the battlefield and players will get 3 Wrath Auras for free to experience the power.

When a promoted character join PVP or GVG and click the Wrath Aura, an aura will appear under the foot with different buffs. All allies in the aura will obtain buffs and enemies in the aura will obtain debuff.

Legacy of Discord, full name Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings, is a free to play mobile Action RPG released by Yoozoo Games. It is the most popular mobile ARPG in EU/NA. Since its launch in late 2016, nearly 70 million guardians with 15 languages from over 190 countries have fought in the universe. According to App Store and Google Play, it is one of top 5 grossing mobile games in 106 countries and regions.

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About YOOZOO Games (SZ.00217)

YOOZOO Games, formerly Youzu Interactive, is a global entertainment company specializing in game development and distribution. The company is headquartered in Shanghai with offices in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other major cities. Since its founding in 2009, YOOZOO has launched a multitude of highly successful products and forged a global distribution network.

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