New Update with Dark Tower

Nov 21, 2017

The latest update of smash hit LoD features a new casual system Dark Tower, which enables players to stimulate each pet’s potential and cultivate a best partner. Now it’s the turn for Pets to show their miraculous powers. Read on to know more!


Update Content:

- Dark Tower: Witness the ultimate pet power after awakening

Update Date:

01:00-04:00 November 22nd EST
14:00-17:00 November 22nd HKT
08:00-11:00 November 22nd EU

Players over level 80 could find entrance into the Dark Tower system under the “Adventure” tablet button and only awakening at least 2 bosses can join the Dark Tower. In the system, it fall into six levels, Dark Tower I, II, III, I, V and VI, each of which has 25 floors with 1 Boss each waiting for you to pass through.

Three Pets are allowed to join the battle at the same time to fight with the Boss.  Bosses are apart of the same factions as Pet and different factions counter one another (increased damage). When selecting Pets for battle, players can use the arrow indicator to see if the Pet counters a Boss.

Here are 4 kinds of restraint for Bosses VS Pets :

  • Extremely high P.Def, recommend M.Damage Pets

  • Extremely high Skill DMG, recommend high survivability Pets

  • High HP but low DEF, recommend high Crit Pets

  • High Crit DR but low Dodge, recommend high ATK Pets

After clearing at least 1 level, players can claim a free reward every day. And also you will have chance to get the materials of Pet Awaken.

By the way, how many pets have been awaken?

More fun is on the way. Legacy of Discord just climbed over the first mountain and now the passion for joy will drive the game forward to the next milestone and bringing high-quality, novel entertainment to the world.

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