More Fun With New Feature: Pet Awaken

Nov 14, 2017

An interesting casual feature, Pet Awaken, is coming in the next Update on Nov.16th for Legacy of Discord. After awakening, your pets will be even more formidable on the battlefield. Check out for more details.

Players over level 80 could find entrance into the Pet Awaken system under the tablet button. In the system, pets fall into five factions, Holy, Evil, Dragon, Beast, and Shadow each of which give pets unique traits and abilities in different modes. For pets of Beast Fraction, for example, extra bonus will be given when players take part in Guild Battle, while awakened pets of Evil Fraction can increases character’s stats and BR in Dungeon gaming mode.


The first batch includes 12 popular pets:

Ÿ   Sacred: Aexuixal, Stella Panthora, Raphael

Ÿ   Evil: Sabelon, Cinder

Ÿ   Beast: Fangrol, Murlor

Ÿ   Cai: Feoxur, Konu, Deramera

Ÿ   Shade: Haverus, Vaszon

Pets need certain amount fragments and Force Awaken Stone to be awakened, and the amount depends on the pet’s rarity level: Pet Awaken is available for Rare/Epic Pets at 3 Stars, Legendary Pets at 2 Stars, and Artifact Pets once activated.

After awakening, Pets will gain a new attribute and skill that is only in effect within the "Dark Tower" And you just need to enter the “Dark Tower” to get necessary material for Pet Awaken: Force Awakens which you can upgrade.

We've prepared a picture for the new game mode Dark Tower, which will be online with the Nov. 22nd update. Don’t forget, more the pets are awaken more you will enjoy in the “Dark Tower” .Now all players have one week competition to awaken your pets and stay tuned for the Dark Tower.

Get ready for the most powerful pet and experience a new fantastic feature.

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