New Illusionary Weapons Come to LoD

Nov 5, 2017

Legacy of Discord’s newest update introduces tons of new features: new Illusionary Weapons and Sacred Gem Awaken. Read on to know more!

Update Content:

- New Illusionary Weapon

- Sacred Gem Awaken

Update Date:

02:00-05:00 November 6th EST
14:00-17:00 November 6th HKT
08:00-11:00 November 6th EU

New Illusionary Weapons

New Illusionary Weapons will be added to the Ultima Weapon, which will be unlocked at Lv.40 and you can find the button on the lower right of the main interface, clicking it will let you preview all the levels of Weapons.

After activating an Ultimate Weapon, it will have the same effects as Illusionary Weapons and can be worn. Players can change their Illusionary Weapon in the Display Illusionary Weapon interface. Besides increasing attributes, once certain levels are reached, you can spend materials to increase their ranks as well. Increasing the rank of Ultima Weapons will unlock new talents.

Sacred Gem Awaken

Unlocked at Lv.70, you may awaken Sacred Gem to increase attributes. Each Gem Socket can be Enhanced using Gem Essence and Gold, you may obtain them from the Gold Realm and the various Events. You may enhance Sockets and this will grant a percentage bonus to attributes of the socketed Gem. Every Socket Enhance will also award Sacred Gem EXP for them to level up. You can enhance a socket with or without Gem inside.

When a socket is enhanced to a specific level, your Gem Power will increase. Socket high level Gems to activate Gem Power. Gem Power will provide additional attribute bonuses based on your current Socket Enhance level, Gem level and type. Socketing different Gems will have different effects on Gem Power.

Level up Sacred Gem to gain special attributes for your character and increase the quality of gems.

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