Anniversary Party

Sep 29, 2017

LoD is going to celebrate its 1st anniversary at the end of October! I knew we would meet each other again on this battlefield from the very beginning. Time has gone by fast and LoD has already been with all throughout the last 1 years. Thank you to all those who over the last 1 year have brought forth suggestions and criticisms, and thank you to all who have continually fought and defended this world. We’ve all seen how much LoD has developed from the release, and it is the best testimony of your support and faith in us.

Yet the battle is never over. We will continue to develop more new functions and optimize gameplay to provide you with an even better gaming experience. This anniversary marks a new beginning for the Legacy of Discord.

How can our anniversary be complete without a party? This is the TGIF moment where you can host, or join a crazy feast and adventure together in LoD. On top of that, we’ve also prepared treasures beyond imagination for you to claim.

New Gameplay: Party

Anniversary Party, including hosting a fantastic feast in game and inviting your friends over, will be unlocked at Lv.40. Three levels of Party are prepared for you: normal party with 20 guardians in total , middle party with 30 guardians and advanced party with 40 guardians. The more higher of the party level, the more cool party you will have. Guardians can also join a Party of your friends by tapping “Apply” Button. The party lasts 20 minutes.

What you can do in the party? Dinner with your friends, Killing bosses together and sending gifts to each other.

Furious Wing

Join the Anniversary Events to get plenty of rewards and the Furious Wing, which is the ONLY Wing that is both a Wrathwing and Skywing.

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