New Update with Divine Pet Tablet

Sep 27, 2017

LoD is going to have a big update with Divine Pet Tablet, Wrathwing Amplify and Array Upgrade. Witness unprecedented power in your pets! Come and check ‘em out!

Update Content:

- Divine Pet Tablet and new active skill

- Wrathwing Amplify

- Array Upgrade

- Optimized Metamorph system display

Update Date:

02:00-05:00 September 28th EST
14:00-17:00 September 28th HKT
08:00-11:00 September 28th EU

Divine Pet Tablet

Providing new skills and additional Attribute Bonuses for the pets, this feature is unlocked at Lv.67. You can see the NEW ACTIVE SKILL in this update. Tap the Pet Button on the lower right,  you will see “Tablet” button by the side of pets. There’s also a new Divine Pet: Annihilus.

Tablet Score: Place Pets within the Pet Tablets to increase its Score. The higher the score, the greater the bonus to BR. A Tablet's score is based on all the upgrades of pets placed in them. The Rank of a pet contributes the most to the score, followed by their Grace. Tablets can have 7 Ratings (SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D). Each rating represents 10 Augment levels. The higher the score, the higher the rating.

Special Attributes: Place specific pets in Tablet's special slots to activate special attributes. The more upgrades a pet has, the stronger the special attributes are.

Tablet Skills: Place Legendary, Mythic, and Artifact pets in Tablets to activate Tablet Skills. Higher rank Pets increase the power of the skill. Each Tablet has 1 Passive skill and active skill, which can be equipped by players.

Tablet Force: The Tablet Force level is based on the total score of all tablets.Tablet Force provides your main character with additional attribute bonuses.

Wrathwing Amplify

This is absolutely a new playmode for the Wrathwing, which your Wrathwing will be more powerful than ever! Unlocked at Lv.59 and you need activate Wrathwings first. There are 30 levels of Wrathwing Amplification and 5 levels makes up a Star level, for a total of 6 Star levels at max level. Each Amplify level gives your character more bonus attributes. The higher the Star level a Wrathwing has, the greater the bonus attributes from Amplify. When you fill a Star level, you will unlock that Star level's extra bonuses, as well as bonuses for that wing's Ascension Attributes.

Consuming Materials: Soul Fragment, a fragment of the soul of a fallen Wrathwing warrior, can be used to Amplify Wrathwings and available at character Lv.80, obtained from Wrathwing chests. But the most magic material is Astral Scroll, rare and universal material needed for Wrathwing Amplify when you Wrathwing reaches a certain Star.

Array Upgrade

Every Equipment has 5 Arrays that can be upgraded to gain various attributes and the different Equipment Arrays each have conditions that must be met before they can be upgraded. Special effects can be activated when the total level of Arrays on all equipped equipment has been upgraded to specific levels. Special attributes can be activated when the total level of all Arrays on one equipment has been upgrade to specific levels.

Every Equipment has 5 Arrays that can be upgraded to gain various attributes and you must meet their unique conditions to upgrade them. When the total Array level on specific equipment reaches certain level, special attributes will be activated; and when total Array level on all equipped equipment reaches certain level, you may also enjoy shiny special effects!

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