New Update and Ultima Weapon

Jul 19, 2017
Legacy of Discord’s newest update introduces tons of new features: Ultima Weapon, Merit Rank and Summer Splash Event! Let’s take a look at them now!

Update Content:
- Ultima Weapon
- Merit Rank
- Summer Splash Event

Update Date:
02:00-05:00 July 20th EST
14:00-17:00 July 20th HKT
08:00-11:00 July 20th EU

Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon will be unlocked at Lv.40 and you can find the button on the lower right of the main interface, clicking it will let you preview all the levels of Weapons. You need special material called Divine Hourglass to activate or upgrade Ultima Weapons, which the material can be obtained on the Texas Hold'em Event. 

After activating an Ultimate Weapon, it will have the same effects as Illusionary Weapons and can be worn. Players can change their Illusionary Weapon in the Display Illusionary Weapon interface! Besides increasing attributes, once certain levels are reached, you can spend materials to increase their ranks as well. Increasing the rank of Ultima Weapons will unlock new talents. Did I mention the awesome appearance by upgrading weapons? Talking about real treats for the eyes!

Merit Rank

The Merit Rank will be unlocked at Lv.60 which will be held every 2 months and you can enter the Merit Rank by clicking PVP on the top right. You must prove yourself on the battlefield! Take on various PvP modes! Earn Merit to gain Ranks and Earn Merit Tokens to buy items! 

Once you has earned enough Merit, you can activate Merit Ranks. Each rank provides abundant daily rewards! The amount of Merit and Merit Tokens that can be earned is limited per day, which the limit is increased at higher Merit ranks. Your earnings are determined by whether you win or lose. Merit and Merit Tokens can be obtained from Icefire Field, which has its own daily limit, separate from the daily total Merit limit.

Final ranks and rewards for the season are calculated at 11:59PM of the last day. Rewards will be determined based on your Merit rank at that time and will be sent by mail. When a season ends, your Rank and Merit will be reset but Merit Tokens will be saved. After a season ends, titles you obtained from the shop will be also reset(The titles will enhance your attribute).

Please click here to know the details about Summer Splash Event(Including Texas Hold'em Event):

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