New Update and Mount Upgrade

Jul 6, 2017
Legacy of Discord is going to have a new update! Two new features called Mount Evolve and Mount Armament, along with two new Mounts will be introduced to our players. Guardians can get a total revamp of the Mount system, obtain huge battle attribute bonus and amazing visual effects after the evolution of Mounts!


Update Content:
- Mount Evolve
- Mount Armament 
- New Mounts: Sky Drifter and Dread Beast
Update Date:
02:30-05:30 July 7th EST
14:30-17:30 July 7th HKT
08:30-11:30 July 7th EU
Mount Evolve
Tap into the Mount System, you will see the Mount Evolve on the bottom left and the attribute of Mount will be shown by clicking the Mount Evolve. The higher rank your Mount reaches, the stronger your mount will be. Especially when your mount reaches Rank 6, the new fascinating visual effects will appear and surround your mount!

Mount Armament
Mount Armament is next to the Mount Evolve Bottom. Equipment on mount can directly strengthen overall mount capabilities and there are 6 pieces of Armaments on each Mount, which players can buy basic mount equipment from the mount merchant to be fused into higher star Armaments, up to the max stars.  Each Armament slot has different Attributes, equipping an Armament with higher stars will activate more Attributes.

Two New Mounts: Dread Beast and Sky Drifter
Let us all give a warm welcome to our new mounts: Dread Beast and Sky Drifter! The Sky Drifter is truly a mysterious creature. These peculiar whales are able to seemingly swim through the air as if they were in water. Mage scholars have tried to study how the Sky Drifter manages to perform such a feat, but none have made much progress. It seems the Sky Drifter does rely on magic, but rather some other unknown force to stay afloat...

The Dread Beast reigns as the undisputed king of the southern swamplands. As the apex predator of the marshes, this creature lives up to its name instilling fear into the other swamp inhabitants. Their armored hide can easily withstand swords and arrows, and has a natural resistance to magic. As they age, Dread Beasts grow rapidly and their hide becomes nearly impenetrable. Some Dread Beasts are known to live for over 100 years and turn into moving fortresses.


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