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New Update and Ascension for Wrathwings

Apr 12, 2017

Legacy of Discord has a big update ready to unleash! A new feature, Ascension, will let players unlock even more of the potential hidden in their Wrathwings. Optimizations to the Recharge reward event and other special events round out this update. Read on to learn more!

Update Content:
- Ascension for Wrathwings
- Optimized display of Recharge Reward event and other special events

Ascension for Wrathwings

One of the game’s main features are the powerful Wrathwings that player characters can equip to gain immense power. Each Wrathwing is visually distinct and animate in combat with stunning effects. In this update, we will be introducing a new form of Wrathwing progression: Ascension. While you Ascend your Wrathwings by using fragments and Sacred Feather, you will obtain Ascension EXP and bonus attributes. The better upgraded your Wrathwings are, the more Ascension EXP you will get. Not only that, you can upgrade your Ascension rank to get special attributes and unlock powerful Conqueror Auras when you reach certain ranks.

Optimize Events 

In order to let players enjoy Legacy of Discord more with a better game experience, we’ve optimized display of Recharge Reward event and other special events.

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