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Enchant Update & Twilight Set

Apr 4, 2017

#LegacyofDiscord’s next update is coming! Players can look forward to the new Enchant Enhance feature and 2 more pieces of the Twilight Set! Read on to learn more.

 Update Content:
- New Enchant Enhance feature
- Twilight Set: 2 more pieces unlocked 

Enchant Enhance Feature

The Enchantment system is a great way for players to reach new levels of power by imbuing their equipment with all kinds of attributes. Players can focus on the certain attributes to specialize their character or upgrade everything and achieve ultimate balance. Now with the new Enchant Enhance system, players will be able to get even more out of the this upgrade system! Plus a new Enchant event will let players get resources back from Enchanting to Enchant even more!

Twilight Set

In the new update, players can finally get their hands on the last 2 pieces of the Twilight Set and activate its unique effect. The full Twilight Set has the power to devour the radiance of other Guardians wherever it goes! So are you worthy of the immense power of the Twilight? Can you wield it without being swallowed up yourself?


How can you get obtain the final 2 pieces? Please stay tuned for more news regarding Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings on the official Facebook page and website. 

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