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A Guardian’s Journey and Celestial Construction
A Guardian’s Journey and Celestial Construction Jun 25, 2018

Remember those moments where you felt joy and excitement while playing LoD? Check out the upcoming featured event "A Guardian's Journey" and get a customized gift! Plus you can login daily to claim great gifts in the Celestial Construction Event. Read on to learn more!

New Class: Puppet Master
New Class: Puppet Master Jun 21, 2018

The deadly sweetheart Puppet Master and her mechanized puppet are finally making their debut in LoD, along with the Mechanize and Treasure Raider features. Read on to learn more!

Mechanize Feature
Mechanize Feature Jun 21, 2018

Transform into a powerful Mecha in battle with an entirely new set of skills. Once a player has activated the Puppet Master, they can immediately change into Mecha Mode during battle. Read on to know more!