Wrathwing System

Sep 20, 2016

It is said that the mystical “Wrathwings” were created to unlock the true potential hidden inside each Guardian. When a Guardian acquires these ultra powerful equipment, they will ascend beyond their human constraints. Citizens of Celestial City tell tales of seeing god-like Guardians with mighty Wrathwings levitating behind them that were able to wipe out entire demon legions with a wave of their weapon.

★  Players can activate many types of Wrathwings once they fulfill special conditions. Each activated Wrathwing provides powerful attribute bonuses to the character, even if they are not equipped!
★  Each Wrathwing also has unique attributes that are only active when equipped.
★  When not in combat, Wrathwings remain in “Guardian Form” and provide base attributes to your character.

★  When in combat, using your Ultimate skill will cause your Wrathwing to go into “Combat Form”, increasing the attribute bonus by 100% for 15 seconds for a huge boost in power.

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