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PVE Trials

Sep 3, 2016

Tower of Eternity

The Tower of Eternity was once a grand spire of light that is now under the control of the demons. Many powerful demon lords have taken residence within the tower and Guardians from all over have come seeking to destroy the evil presence here once and for all.

The Tower of Eternity is a multi-layered dungeon where players must advance floor by floor and defeat monsters and bosses of increasing difficulty. The higher a player climbs, the greater the rewards. Many resources can be obtained from the Tower of Eternity, such as Eternium, Gold, Potions, and Obsidian. Eternium is a very important resource can be exchanged for Equipment Set materials.


City Defense

As the last bastion of hope, Celestial City is always under threat from the demons. Guardians are tasked with protecting the city from demon invasions at any cost. The city offers great rewards for those who brave enough to defend Celestial City from the neverending attacks. The more monsters a player kills in City Defense, the greater their rewards.


Hero’s Trial

The Guardians are not the only ones who can wield the elements. There are powerful elemental monsters that have become one with the elements. These creatures are immune to all physical damage, and can only be slain by a corresponding element type. Players can take on these elemental challenges and earn upgrade materials for their character.


EXP Dungeon

The EXP Dungeon is an ideal place to earn EXP for leveling up. Within the dungeon endless waves of monsters will spawn for players to slaughter. EXP Dungeon can be done solo or with a team. The more players in your team, the greater the rewards.


Gold Dungeon

Gold is a very important resource in Legacy of Discord and the Gold Dungeon is a great place to obtain more gold for upgrades and many other functions. Slay the monsters guarding their treasure and their gold is all yours.


Mysterious Relics

Explore ancient ruins for hidden treasure. Within the Mysterious Relics, a player may only select 1 door to challenge. However players can request up to 5 of their guildmates to help take on the other 2 doors. Each guildmate can only help once per event.

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