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PVP Game Modes

Sep 20, 2016
If PvP is your calling, take on rivals in 1-on-1 combat in the Arena or engage in large-scale PvP battlegrounds like Guild War; best of all, it’s all in real-time!

Icefire Field - Strategy and Teamwork
Icefire Field is 5v5 PvP mode where 2 teams of 5 players fight in a special battleground with unique characteristics. Teamwork and tactics are key to beating the enemy and only those who work together will achieve victory. Players can earn points in Icefire Field that can be exchanged for Pet Shards and other rewards.

Treasure Dungeon - Fight for Treasure
Treasure Dungeon is a Guild PvP mode where members fight together against both monsters and other guilds to claim the vast treasures stashed within. The Treasure Dungeon map includes bosses with great loot that will lead to some epic PvP battles over them.

Guild War - Defend Your Guild’s Honor
Guild War is a showdown between the strongest guilds. Members of a guild must rally and work together to defeat all members of the opposing guild to claim victory. If players fail to defeat each other, the winner will be decided by points earned.

The Arena - Personal Proving Grounds
The Arena is a 1v1 duel between players to prove who is the strongest Guardian. Compete in the Arena rankings to earn great rewards and bragging rights.

Deathmatch – Last Man Standing
Deathmatch is a large-scale, free-for-all PvP battle for ultimate supremacy. There are no allies and everyone is the enemy. Once a player is defeated, they can no longer participate. The last player standing will claim victory over all others in this deathmatch mode.

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