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- R U L E -

War Shrine:

All participating guild members will earn a participation reward.

The guild rank reward can be claimed by all guild members.

The top 3 ranked guilds will also earn a title which members can claim on the last day of the event.

Guild Clash:

[War Divisions]

Each War Division will include multiple servers. A total of 64 guilds will be selected to compete in each War Division

The guilds ranked 1 in total BR on each server will be automatically seeded into their War Division. The remaining guilds will be selected based on cross-server BR rankings until there are 64 participants in that War Division

[Competition Schedule]

The 1st day of the event is the preparation phase. The battles will take place on the 2nd and 3rd day, and on the final 4th day players will be see the results.

The competition will be an elimination tournament going from 64->16->8->4->Champion (4 rounds in total) for every Division.

In the Round of 64, guilds will battle in groups of 4 and only 1 guild will move on from each group (16 in total). In the Round of 16, Round of 8, and Semifinals, 2 guilds will move on from each group. The last 2 guilds will compete in the finals to determine the champion.

The results of each battle is determined by the final flag capture points. Highest total guild BR will be used in case of a tie.

[Battle Rules]

Each guild can send up to >20 members (including the guild leader) to a battle. The leader can enter the battle at any time during the preparation phase.

The leader as the right to remove members.

During the preparation phase, members maybe enter or exit the competition. After the battle starts, members that leave will not be able to re-enter.

[Item Effects]

During battle, players can select 1 of the following 3 effects in their Safe Zone:

Weapon: Increase your ATK by a percentage.

Boots: Increase your movement speed by a percentage.

Bomb: Cause an explosion when you die to damage nearby enemies for a percentage of their HP.

[Performance Mode]

Players reduce details on models of other players to optimize performance in battle. Check Performance Mode to enable.